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Why SnowFIT

Choose SnowFit for proven snowboarding and ski training from a

New Zealand expert

Don’t waste your ski season sitting in the café waiting for your legs to recover because of poor fitness or, worse still, days, weeks or months off due to a ski-related injury. Enlist the help of SnowFIT for an effective snowboarding and ski training workout for peak fitness and injury prevention for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

10 reasons to choose SnowFIT

1/ It’s easy: With SnowFIT online programmes, training for the ski season can be done from the comfort of your own home – be that in New Zealand, Australia, Canada or the USA.

2/ Designed by an expert: Our snowboarding and ski training workouts have been designed by a qualified personal trainer and ski/snowboard instructor, so they’re guaranteed to be effective.

3/ Reduce your injury risk: Skiing and snowboarding are potentially high-risk sports. SnowFIT programmes focus on specific exercises to get fit for skiing and snowboarding, so your risk of injury, including common knee injuries, on the slopes is significantly reduced.

4/ Have more fun: With increased endurance, strength, flexibility and balance, skiing and snowboarding is just more fun. 

5/ Applicable internationally: SnowFIT programmes are graded to reflect the internationally recognized ski runs – green for beginners, blue for intermediates and black for advanced skiers and snowboarder – which means they’re suitable for all skiers no matter if you’re located in New Zealand, Australia, Canada or the USA. 

6/ Personalised programmes available: If you’re recovering from an injury or have a specific goal in mind, SnowFIT will design a fitness programme to meet your requirements. 

7/ SnowFIT pre-ski exercise programmes are designed for all ages: SnowFIT has clients in their 70s and as young as 10 years of age. 

8/ All abilities catered for: Our pre-season ski training is suitable for beginners as well as athletes aspiring to the national ski and snowboarding team. 

9/ Try before you buy: Our free trial gives you unlimited access to our Green Program so you can see what we can do for you before you sign up to an monthly or annual subscription. 

10/ Ski harder for longer. With a SnowFit snowboarding and skiing fitness programme, you’ll get the most out of your snow season. 

Don’t delay, sign up to a SnowFIT ski exercise programme today and reap the benefits.

About SnowFIT

SnowFIT was created in 2012 by Matt Thomson, a qualified personal trainer and ski/snowboard instructor. Matt was introduced to snow sports in 2004 and quickly realised he’d found his passion. As a keen skier and snowboarder himself, Matt understands the importance of exercise before going to the snow to maximise your enjoyment.

With SnowFIT, Matt combines his love for snow sports with his passion for helping others realise their potential on the slopes and maximise their fun.

When Matt’s not managing SnowFIT or devising effective exercises for the ski season for SnowFIT clients, you’ll find him at Mt Ruapehu during the New Zealand winter or on the slopes in Canada or the USA in the northern hemisphere winter.


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