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Why SnowFIT

Have you ever gone skiing and had too much time sitting in the cafe waiting for the legs to recover or had to take the day off? Maybe you or someone you know has been victim to the 'last run' curse and ended up in a banana boat. SnowFIT has been running successfully since 2012 and in that time we have helped numerous clients get more out of those precious days on the snow. Our clients range in age from as young as 10 and adults into their 70's. We have athletes aspiring for national honours, and a grandmother just wanting to enjoy the slopes with the grandkids Now we're pleased to work with you. SnowFIT will increase your endurance, strength, flexibility and balance while decreasing your chance of injury. You will be able to ski harder for longer so your enjoyment levels will increase. Don't waste anymore days on the slopes get SnowFIT.

About Us:
SnowFIT was created in 2012 by Matt Thomson a qualified Personal Trainer and Ski/Snowboard instructor. Being a keen Skier and Snowboarder he realised the importance of exercising before going to the snow so created the program. Matt was introduced to Snow Sports in 2004 and has found his passion. These days you will find Matt at Mt Ruapehu in the weekends over the New Zealand Winter or somewhere in the northern hemisphere during their winter. Matt combines his love for Snow Sports with his delight in helping people realise their potential on the slopes and strives to help his clients get maximum enjoyment out of their time on Snow.


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